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Love, as they always say, doesn’t have anything to do with size, shape, or color. Simply put, no matter what your appearance is, there is nothing to stop you from being in love, falling in love, and being loved. This is the reason why BBW and BHM dating is getting more and more in demand these days. One of the dating websites that cater to people who want to engage in this unique niche of dating is none other than WooPlus.com.

WooPlus is basically a dating app with the goal of becoming Tinder meant for plus sized ladies and even men, if they want to give it a try. What makes this app exceptional is that only bigger ladies are allowed to join because this is primarily meant to serve as a safe community for these ladies who were unlucky in finding love using traditional dating apps.


  • It is free to download, match, and message fellow users.
  • Buy coins for you to send virtual gifts to the unmatched users which starts are $4.90 for every 200 coins.


Users of WooPlus can enjoy using different features like the swipe left or right just like in Tinder. If the two users decide to swipe right on each other, this is already considered as a match that will then open up the different communication channels. Aside from that, you can even leave comments on the photos of other users but remember that the site implements a strict policy when it comes to the use of insulting or abusive messages. In case you like to send a message to a person that you were not matched with, your best option is to send the virtual gift that will then allow the connection. Aside from these virtual gifts, most of the features of WooPlus are pretty much the same with the other dating apps you can find today.

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Editor’s Verdict

Right now, many claims that WooPlus is still the key destination for big women and men who are hoping to find and meet someone who will truly care for them. Most of the embers of the app were successful in finding their soulmates with the help of the app, but those whose relationships didn’t go as planned still remained friends, some of whom are even best friends. But, what makes WooPlus that special?

For starters, the use of the app is free. Yes, most dating websites are probably free as well, but they give better features only if the member upgraded his or her membership. WooPlus understands and knows that all members deserve only the best features even when they don’t spend a dollar to join the site.

The second reason is the significant increase in the app’s popularity. This is due to its unique feature of being the only app where BBW can meet with BHM. Obviously, site members are not just big people as it also welcomes pretty much anyone interested to date plus-sized men and women.

WooPlus is no doubt a great place to start your BBW and BHM dating experience all for free.