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LargeFriends.com is one of today’s dating websites meant for big beautiful women or BBW and big handsome men or BHM, which makes them belong to the BBW dating category. The single members are mainly searching for larger people even though they don’t really belong to the bigger tip of the scale. Just like other niche dating websites, LargeFriends.com has one ultimate goal, and that is to help you find someone who will love and care for you with all your flaws.


You can use LargeFriends.com for free once you signed up with the site and you can also send icebreakers and search for other members.

To boost the visibility of your profile and to communicate completely, you can choose to upgrade to a premium membership priced starting at $29.95 per month.


  • LargeFriends.com has a simple log in procedure. All you need to do is input your email address, upload as much as 20 pictures of yourself, write down some important details about yourself, and start searching for your match. You can also start chatting once you have successfully signed in.
  • Once you have logged in, the website will recommend you to get a membership in ChestyFriends.com, another matching website to help you gain more friends.
  • For you to get the most out of using the website, it might be better if you can upgrade to a paid membership. This way, you can use other important features of the site and even connect with more potential matches. The price is a bit high, though, so make sure that your pocket is ready if you want to go down this path.
  • The paid members are recommended to undergo a verification process. You will be asked to send a copy of your passport or a similar document that will confirm your personal information and photo.
  • Users can upload their photos but there is something a bit off about the site. Male members of the site look masculine and handsome in their profile pictures, without any trace of being big whatsoever. On the other hand, you can also find those members who don’t pay much attention to their appearance and simply upload their images as is.
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Editor’s Verdict

LargeFirends.com is one of the dating websites mainly geared for plus sized singles. The site caters to big beautiful women and big handsome men. Right now, it is said that there are already about 10,000 members of the site in the United States alone.

This online dating network provides tons of dating opportunities for people who are part of the plus-sized category. It is not a secret that it is no longer new to see women and men who are somewhat overweight. At the same time, it is also known that some people are more interested in dating plump ladies and gentlemen instead of their skinny counterparts.

LargeFriends.com is far from being a perfect dating platform but it is easy to see its potential of helping eliminate the stigma associated with big people.

If you are one of the people who wants to date plus size women and men, it might be a bit of a challenge to find the people you really want to talk to on the other side. To a certain extent, you can not deny the fact that online dating is a challenging process. If you have problems finding the right person to talk to and date, it might be best to use the services of, the page shows only people who are obviously overweight. It can be a frustrating moment when you do not find someone who would satisfy your needs. This is why the LargeFriends.com site aims at making sure that everyone is equal.

The website functions on an account based system. This means that the member’s first transaction is free of charge. He or she will need to be able to create an account in order to be able to start dating. After that, the site only takes a deposit of just $15.95 for anyone who wants to pay in full for a membership 6 month.

Right now, it can be seen that many men and women are excited to start dating through the LargeFriends.com website. It might sound a little strange for some people but it can definitely be the answer to the dating dilemma. If you feel that this is an appropriate platform for dating, then you will be happy to know that the same applies to females as well. If you are not into dating plump women or nice guys, then you can definitely use this networking site.

This is a dating website for plus-sized people but it will allow you to find a serious partner. This is not a dating site for simply looking for casual relationships. The group of members is diverse and there are many types of people among them, then you will be happy to know that there are many of them just waiting to see you on the LargeFriends.com dating network.

Large Friends Dating App FAQ

How Long Will My Free Trial be on LargeFriends?

While there are no limits to the free trial, we suggest you sign up for a membership and use it as you would any other dating app before canceling your membership and requesting a refund.

How Long Will My Account Last If I Cancel My LargeFriends Membership?

Your membership will last as long as you are a member of the app.

Do I have to provide additional information when registering for LargeFriends?

Yes. You must provide your name, email address, and size preferences when you sign up.

How Do I Get a Receive Card?

After you successfully download Large Friends, please make sure that your phone supports Google Pay before you try to use the app. The app will give you a get a verification number, or re-activation code, which you will need in order to create your receive card. If you do not have a smartphone that supports Google Pay, you may be able to set up your re-activation code to be sent via text message by connecting your Large Friends app with Facebook Messenger.

Can I Import Facebook Photos on My LargeFriends Account?

Currently, only photos taken from your Facebook account are accepted.

Where Can I Find More Information on LargeFriends?

Our site is the best resource for users to learn more about the app and learn about new features.