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If you’re looking for feedees, BBW, BHM, fat admirers, and feeders, Feabie is a perfect dating and social network site. It has a lot of members who love everything about words including chubby, super-size, obese, fat, bellied, plump, thick, curvy, and so on.


Feabie is a free of charge service, which is great in comparison to other BBW dating sites where you have to pay for a membership. There are also no costs involved since it isn’t an average and usual dating site.


  • Customizable News Feed – Feabie’s news feed gives a summary of what individuals are writing on the walls and comments that other people are making. You may customize your Local and Global Newsfeeds through setting the site-wide filter with the basic criteria from the physical attributes including body type, weight, and height to personal details like shared kinks, relationship status, and whether the way your body type. You may also select to follow every member you like as well as stay informed of what they share with the newsfeed publicly.
  • Powerful Search Engine That Will Help You Find Mates, Dates, and Friends – In this dating website, you’ll find the most advanced search tools that will help you discover some people in your area, who fit your preferences, who share interests or have same kinks like yours. Regardless of what your criteria, you can search by relationship status, languages spoke, body type, preferences, sexual kinks BMI, weight, location, age, and so on.
  • Advanced and Best Geolocation Features – It is all about location. That is the reason why Feabie was built with some powerful and advanced location-based tools. You may specify your own location in your profile by entering the city name, address or postal/zip code. There is no need to worry about providing your address as it would remain private. The concept of Feabie is that it translates your location to the geographical coordinates to calculate the relative distance between you and some members. With this, you could see who is near your place because you can sort by distance. You might also want to know who lives in your area not somewhere in thigh same states. You may do that in this dating site.
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Editor’s Verdict

There are some reasons that make joining this website a good idea. First and foremost, it makes a good social atmosphere for all of the members to interact in. There are also no judgments and you are accepted who you really are. The other thing that’s good about Feabie is that it provides an ideal place for feeders and feedees to get together. In a small community like Feabie, it isn’t always easy looking for people with same interests.

Connecting with everyone is tough enough when you are a bit overweight, yet when you chose to be consciously overweight, it might be harder. It’s what makes this dating website very worthwhile since it gives a place for those who love eating and people who love to watch others as a community. If you are in this category, Feabie is absolutely the website for you.